African Dance Instructor, Sarita Wilson

Sarita has been a lover of dancing ever since the age of 8 when she attended JJ's Dance Studio in Jamaica, Queens performing acrobatics, tap, Hip Hop, Jazz and African dance.  She was a member of Holis, Queens Avenue Congregational Church where she was a part of a Little Angels Youth Choir.  Sarita was also co-leader in the Umoja step team where helped create choreography.  She also was part of the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning participating in West African and Afro-Brazilian dancing and performances.  After moving to Middletown, she became a Zumba instructor and has certified in Ananda Ashram Yoga teaching. 


Sarita currently works as Rehabilitation Assistant at Forensic Psychiatric Hospital promoting Holistic health and well-being practices and is very excited to be given the opportunity to be a part of the Faith In Motion Family!

Meet Our Instructors

Latin Instructor, Fenel Laguerre

Mastering the art of Latin dance took place for Fenel over 20 years ago.  Before migrating to America from his home country of Haiti, Fenel was taught the basics of Latin Dance from his instructor Johnny Viard at the Viard Dance Academy in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  He has spent years perfecting the art and technique and enjoys adding his own style and flare.  Fenel is bring together his passion for dance, his knack for teaching and his boisterous personality to Faith In Motion as an instructor.  He believes everyone has the potential to dance, why not have fun doing so! 

Zumba Instructor, Yolanda Medrano

Yolanda was born and raised in NYC, but has been a part of the Orange County Community for over 25 years.  She got her start in Latin dancing over 30 years ago and has incorporated her skill set into Zumba.  Yolanda is certified in Zumba 1 and 2 , Zumba toning, Zumba Gold and has been teaching Zumba for more than a decade.  Yolanda teaches at all levels to ensure everyone is working to the best of their ability.  Come and join in the fun as Yolanda and Faith In Motion are looking forward to working out with you! 

Founder and Executive Director, Joyce Henderson

Joyce Henderson brings over 13 years of Arthur Murray ballroom training and competitive dance experience with her, as well as 10 years as the dance leader and lead choreographer at Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Middletown, NY. 

Joyce has also worked in the corporate financial industry for over 2 decades. Her dance experience and financial background make for a sound foundation in business orientation in addition to dance instruction made fun for each student.

Unlock The Dance Experience You’ve Always Wanted!

We’ve brought to our studio a group of instructors who we feel exemplify our core values of support and inclusion. While their training and experience is extensive, you will find they are patient and make it a high priority to make you feel comfortable at Fait-In-Motion. Please take a moment to meet the instructors who will be guiding you on the journey you are on to bring out the joy of dance in you at whatever stage you are in!

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Hip Hop Instructor, Pedro Gonzalez

Initially a street dancer from the Bronx managed to broaden his dance background and artistic creativity with training in modern, jazz, African, hip-hop, salsa, and ballet.  He majored in dance and choreography at Lehman College of Performing Arts.  Pedro has performed with Joan Miller’s Dance Players, Forces of Nature, Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, and was the founder, premier choreographer, and artistic director of The Just Us Dance Company.  His choreography reflects current trends in the urban communities; while fusing the diverse styles influenced by his former mentors.  The result from his style of choreography is a mutual appreciation of the performing arts within different generations, ethnic cultures, and urban communities.  Pedro has appeared in music videos and choreographed-directed several off Broadway hip hop productions in NYC such as “Full Out” and “Dansical”.  A former hip hop instructor for Pathways for Youth, Jubilee Multicultural Arts Center, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, and the Paracletes Arts Center.


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